Next Meeting this Thursday

Our weekly Thursday @ 11 meeting will be at Sophia's Cafe, 9191 E Frontage Road, P-W Hwy.

Art Meeting this Thursday

Our weekly Thursday @ 1 Art Meets Recycling Get-Together will be at VCRS Recycling Center, 9465 E. Chanlyut Circle, Palmer.

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June 17 Saturday

Art on Fire! The Valley Arts Alliance is proud to host our 16th annual VAA Art on FIre Iron Pour Art Fest at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla.

Admission to Art on FIre is $10, and children under 12 are FREE. The event is from Noon until 5pm.

Art on Fire, Saturday June 17!

It’s time for another hot, Hot, HOT Iron Pour! Yes, for the 16th year, the Valley Arts Alliance Art on Fire Iron Pour Art Fest will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2023 in Wasilla. The Valley will be buzzing with artists from across the country, as they gather to cast unique iron sculptures, create Raku pottery, and engage in other similar “fiery” events.

A team of skilled foundry men and women, consisting of Pat Garley, who owns Arctic Fires Bronze in Palmer, D’jean Jawrunner, a college professor from New Mexico who teaches metal casting, Donnie Keen a commercial foundry owner from Houston, Texas, and other local sculptors and skilled metal workers will demonstrate the fascinating 5000 year old iron casting process using a custom designed furnace known as a cupola.

In the weeks preceding this event, Pat Garley will be offering workshops in metal casting and mold making at his studio in Palmer. These workshops will continue at the VAA Art on Fire Iron Pour Art Fest, when these molds are poured with liquid iron. See scenes of previous years events on our archives pages.

At this Art on Fire Iron Pour Art Fest, visitors can create their own small molds, for their own unique iron plaques. These small mold blanks, approximately 6 inches square, can be etched or “scratched” with a design which, when filled with molten iron, will render a unique keepsake. Known as a “scratch block”, these blanks are available for $10.

Throughout the day, artists will conduct Raku pottery workshops. Raku differs from other forms of pottery in that after a short firing, the “red hot” vessels are placed inside a metal can full of combustible materials, a process that draws the oxygen out of the glaze and is responsible for the unique and completely unpredictable Raku look.

The Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths will demonstrate blacksmithing techniques, Judy Vars will demonstrate Encaustic wax painting, and other fiery arts, such as glass flameworking, will also be demonstrated. Several local painters will setup their easels and demonstrate their work. Live music and food will be available throughout the day.

The VAA Art on Fire Iron Pour Art Fest will be held at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, located at 3800 W. Museum Drive (near the airport) in Wasilla, from noon until 5pm on Saturday, June 17.  The ticket price is $10, with children under 12 admitted free.  Please join the fun!  We hope to turn this day into an extraordinary Iron Pour Art Fest in the Valley!

VAA partners with Valley Performing Arts!

In the lobby of the Fred & Sara Machetanz Theatre is the Valley Arts Alliance showcase that displays locally crafted original artwork by Valley Arts Alliance members.

For the next several weeks, our showcase will contain art by Judy Vars, Becky Holsinger, and Linda Kitson. All art is made from repurposed materials. For more information, go to the Archives section of our website.

New displays at the Fred & Sara Machetanz Theatre are being planned, so that we can provide VPA theatre guests with an opportunity to view our local community artists. Just another example of the Valley Arts Alliance bringing the community together through the arts!

For more info on the VPA play list, see their website or phone the Box Office at 373-0195.

Art Meets Recycling

The Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (let’s call them VCRS) has graciously allowed us the use of their community classroom each Thursday, from 1 to 3pm.

If you love to paint, sculpt, and create, and want to get together with other artistic people, this is the place for you. This invitation is extended to anyone, or any age, interested in Art, and Recycling. And best of all, it’s FREE.

For more information, come to our weekly Thursday @ 11 meeting at Sophia's Café. The VAA and VCRS have been partnering for over 10 years. Our annual Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show has many outfits made entirely out of recycled materials.

So join us on Thursdays at the VCRS! They are located at 9465 E. Chanlyut Circle (49th State Street, on the P-W Hwy).

What is "Second Saturday"?

On one day each month—the “Second Saturday” here in the Valley—we are encouraging local art galleries, restaurants, and retail businesses to join in with local and regional artists, sculptors, musicians, and food masters for a festive day of art and entertainment.

This concept has been adopted in a variety of locations throughout America, and provides a festive atmosphere for visitors to plan a day on the town and browse the many participating stores and venues. A bookstore could schedule a book signing; a coffee shop could schedule a poetry reading; a gallery could have an artist demonstrate; or a retail establishment could provide space for a musician to play. All on the same day of the month—the Second Saturday.

The Valley Arts Alliance is coordinating the "Second Saturday" project. Just email us if you are willing to participate and we will attempt to match up artists and venues. For a complete list of participating Second Saturday venues, please sign up for our newsletter. It’s that easy! Join us in supporting the arts in our community, and in helping to make our art community grow.