"Alaska Home Companion"
May 4, 2013

The Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show! was broadcast live and in living color from the historic Sheldon Community Arts Hangar next to the Talkeetna International Airport on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

A joint production of the Valley Arts Alliance and the Denali Arts Council, The Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show was a rendition of a live radio broadcast from the golden age of Alaskan radio, with skits, music, and dance acts, similar to the popular Prairie Home Companion radio show on NPR featuring Garrison Keillor. The Alaska Home Companionn—A Frontier Variety Show featured interesting stories by Alaskans about the best, the worst, and the silliest of everyday living in Alaska.

A special thank you to all the talented people of the Valley Arts Alliance, the Denali Arts Council, and Denali Drama—Todd Broste, G. Denny, Kathryn Hacker, Ben Heller, Kayti Heller, Yanah Heller, Kathleen Hogan, Anna Koch, Terry Koch, David Krepel, Stephen Krepel, Emily LaPorte, David Lindwall, Phillip Manning, Elaine Martin, Erik Martin, Myrtsy, David Nelson, Danny Nichols, Laurolle Nichols, Niki Pease, Randi Perlman, Nan Potts, Randy Robinson, Hillary Saffran, Lisa Smith, Scott Smith, Jayme Spires, Carmen Summerfield, Candice Swain, Claudia Warren, Deb Wessler, and Mark of the Wild.

The Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show! was sold out—another example of bringing our communities together through the arts!