"Alaska Home Companion"
October 8, 2016

On Saturday evening, October 8, 2016, the Valley Arts Alliance produced the Season 5 premier episode of Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show!, a rendition of a live radio broadcast from the golden age of Alaskan radio, with skits, music, and dance acts, similar to the popular Prairie Home Companion radio show on NPR.

Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show! features interesting stories by Alaskans about the best, the worst, and the silliest of everyday living in Alaska.

The Season 5 premier episode featured Between 2 Berms, Guy d'North—Private Eye, Mark Twain, Political Yoga, Ms. DeMEANor, Miss PFD 2015 and news from lake Willowa. This episode was “sponsored” by Grasshopper Aviation, Perfect Joints, and a variety of old-time Alaskan merchants.

Featured guests introduced by Randi Perlman were the Borealis Dancers, consisting of Samantha Boyles, Georgie Hollander, and Heather Pelletier; Alys Culhane; Dave Glenn; Pam Huyck; Marta Kopperud; Becky McLaughlin; Grover Neely; Faye Palin; Niki Pease; Betty Pierce; Randy Robinson; Hillary Saffran; Isha Stanford; Scott Sterling; John and Joe Stroup; Carmen Summerfield; and Pat and Sean Wake.

The Production Crew included Josh Fryfogle, Sherry and Lonnie Jackson; Terry Koch, Jim Palin, Eric Summerfield, and Kathi VanZant; and Mike Chmielewski of KVRF 89.5FM.

The Season 5 premier episode of Alaska Home Companion—A Frontier Variety Show! was held in the famous Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla, and was broadcast live by Radio Free Palmer on 89.5 FM, and is available on their website. The Season 5 premier episode was sold out—another example of bringing our community together through the arts!