"Blacksmithing Clinic"
May 25 and July 13, 2013

The Valley Arts Alliance and the Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths were proud to co-host Blacksmithing Clinics by Gordon Williams and Shayne Carter at Arctic Fires Bronze, 15615 Outer Springer Loop in Palmer on May 25 and July 13.

Gordon Williams has been blacksmithing since 1990, and operates Victory Forge in Arizona. His May 25 class, Artistry in Blacksmithing, demonstrated a variety of techniques to expand blacksmithing skills and inspire creativity.

To celebrate and promote the blacksmith art in North America, Pieh Tool has helped sponsor Gordon Williams on a 3 month epic adventure to gather tips, tricks and techniques from master blacksmiths along a 4000 mile route from Fairbanks, Alaska to the Grand Canyon.

Shayne Carter is a past winner of the World Blacksmithing Championship, and an all around blacksmith, farrier, tool maker and knife maker. His July 13 class concentrated on Damascus-type knife making.