"Dolls on Parade"

The Valley Arts Alliance has teamed-up with the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS) to invite all artists in the Valley to join us for Dolls on Parade!

The Valley Arts Alliance has worked with the VCRS for the past 3 years, most recently when we arranged for models and artists of the 2010 VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show to participate at the VCRS “OCEANS” luncheon last February.

Dolls on Parade is modeled after several similar art exhibits throughout the world, including Alaska’s Wild Salmon on Parade in Anchorage and Veggies in Motion in Palmer. Artists were invited to submit a design proposal for decorating a doll—a “blank canvas” for artistic expression—that will be displayed throughout the Valley this summer!

Thirty entries were selected based on artistic creativity and originality of design, and those artists were provided with a doll approximately 16 inches tall that they decorated and modified.

One doll was even cast of iron at the recent 2010 VAA Art on Fire Iron Pour Art Fest!

The dolls were on display at the Valley Arts Alliance Art Pavilion, located this year in the Colony Theatre / Church during the 2010 Alaska State Fair, and presently at OTHER SITES around the Valley. The dolls will be auctioned to the public on Friday, November 12, during our "Hello Dolly" event at the Palmer Moose Lodge located at 1100 Cobb Street in Palmer, and the proceeds will be used to help support art and recycling in our community!

The Valley Arts Alliance and the VCRS wish to give a special Thank You to the artists for making these beautiful dolls! The dolls, and their creative artists, are listed below, based on the above pictures, left-right, top-bottom:

Line 1: Dolly Llama by Dena Tanguay; Iron Maiden by Pat Garley, D’jean Jawrunner, Amanda Potts, Nan Potts, Carmen Summerfield; Arabian Nights Belly Dancer by Norma Thigpen; and Candice Rapper by Wendy Strohmeyer and Lynndeen Knapp;

Line 2: Flower Girl by Misty Holler; Emma by K. A. Porter; My Fair Lady by Kiana Oliver; Peanuts by Kiana Oliver; and Dolly Varden by Dena Tanguay;

Line 3: Right Brain Left Brain by Sandra Cook; Transanimation by Nicole Barker; Mat-Su Maiden Figurehead by Tamora Harding-Childs; Palmer Colony School Teacher by Shirley Novak; and Quilted Lady by Dee Hurn;

Line 4: Woodland Whimsey by Julia Aiken; Raven by Jennifer Forrest; Nailed It Mini Me by Bethany Buckingham; The Smallest Borg by Roxanne Limback; and My Name is Annie by Rosemary Grant;

Line 5: Mermaiden Alaska by Julie Hopkins; Mother Goose by Dorothy L. Boatright; De Grazia Doll by Vicki Bush; and Wakanda Woods Wanderer by Valerie Barber and Connie Harris;

Line 6: Colonial Dolly Mata-Su’n by Nicole Pease; Octomom by Terry Koch and Meaghan Folk-Freund; and Miss Rea Cycle by Dorothy L. Boatright.

Not shown: What’s in a Label by Becky Hiatt; Precious, Earth Keeper’s Daughter by Barb Howard; Gypsy Kara Van and King by Vicky Fenster and Barb Howard; and Maggie Pie by Nan Potts.