"Hello Dolly!"
The Dolls on Parade Auction
October 21, 2011

“Dolls on Parade” is a collaborative effort between the Valley Arts Alliance and the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS). We knew this would be a good team because the Valley Arts Alliance has worked with the VCRS for the past 4 years, most recently when we arranged for models and artists of the 2011 VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show to participate at the VCRS “OCEANS” luncheon last February.

 “Dolls on Parade” is a collection of dolls that have been uniquely modified by local artists. We modeled this event along the lines of other, similar art exhibits throughout the world, including Alaska’s Wild Salmon on Parade in Anchorage and Veggies in Motion in Palmer. We invited artists to submit a design proposal for decorating a doll—all the dolls were identical—which would be a “blank canvas” for artistic expression.

After all the entries were received and considered, fifteen entries were selected based on artistic creativity and originality of design. The artists were provided with a doll approximately 16 inches tall, and over the next few weeks they modified and decorated their doll in amazingly creative ways. See the dolls on our 2011 Dolls on Parade archive page.

The dolls of “Dolls on Parade” were displayed at various sites around the Valley during the Autumn of 2011, and on Friday, October 21 these dolls were auctioned to the public during the "Hello Dolly" event at the Palmer Moose Lodge located at 1100 Cobb Street in Palmer.

The “Hello Dolly!” event started with music by The Carhartt Brothers, followed by a performance by Gaia Tribal Dance. Master of Ceremonies Myriah Moore-Thomas and Auctioneer Brad Webb made a great team auctioning the dolls! It was a wonderful evening of art and entertainment!