"Ice Castles on the Green"
December 2008

“Colony Christmas” in Palmer is a well-loved old fashioned Christmas celebration that features horse-drawn and reindeer sleigh rides, gingerbread houses, and Christmas carolers. While officially “Colony Christmas” only lasts a weekend, the VAA would like to extend the celebration throughout the month of December. One way will be the exhibition of “Ice Castles on the Green” during December.

The “Green” is the area in Palmer known as the “quad” or “square” located between the Borough Office, the Colony Inn, and the Dahlia Street Market. The Dahlia Street Market, located at 320 E. Dahlia Street, is owned by Steve and DeLena Johnson of Palmer. They purchased the run-down Palmer Trading Post several years ago with the intention of totally restoring this building to it’s former glory.

The Dahlia Street Market was originally built as a trading post in FDR’s New Deal Colony Project in 1935.  It first served as a US Post Office and dry goods store, and in later years it became a civic center, recreation hall, shooting range, health care center, and finally a pharmacy. The building was abandoned in the 1980’s, and was facing demolition until DeLena and Steve rescued it.

Every December, the VAA plans to display a collection of ice sculptures beside the Dahlia Street Market. VAA member Kathy Zeitz and other VAA members created these wonderful ice sculptures, and displayed many of them at the Dahlia Street Market during the winter of 2008–2009.

The Valley Arts Alliance plans to make this another well-loved feature of Colony Christmas!