OneTree aims to show the unique value of woodlands by demonstrating the volume and quality of work that can be made from just one tree. OneTree is a joint venture of the Valley Arts Alliance, the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service, and the UAF School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences. In Fairbanks, it has grown into full community involvement and a complete K-12 art and science program.

For this 2012 project, one birch tree was selected from those that had to be removed as part of the clearing for the new Trunk Road Reconstruction. It was felled and transported to the UAF Palmer Center for Sustainable Living (what we all know as the Experiment Farm on Trunk Road). All the participating artists met us there on Friday, May 11, and the artists determined what size pieces they needed, and the staff from the Center for Sustainable Living rendered those pieces of the tree on the spot.

The completed artwork was displayed at the 2012 Alaska State Fair, and will be displayed at other venues throughout the Valley.