The Second Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Overdone!" - February 16, 2008

Myriah Moore (left) was the Master of Ceremonies, shown here with Carmen Summerfield, president of the Valley Arts Alliance.

The Wearable Art Show was held on Saturday, February 16 at the Palmer Depot.

"Catch and Release" by Artist Jessica Newton. Modeled by the artist..

It's bright, it's bold! This salmon jump coat reveals an al "luring" green metallic "lure" with hook for catching the coat. Jessica Newton confesses she wouldn't wear it to meet the in-laws, even if they were avid fishermen. This fishin' lady is smokin' and never overdone!

"It's a Hoot!" by Artists Mindy Nix, Kenzie Newell and Allie Cummins. Modeled by the artists.

Mindy, Kenzie and Allie are showing off their wild bird sides with these "Owly" dresses. They used all kinds of paints and markers to mulitiply their birds. Sister "number four" is a real live owl--a Saw-whet owl from the Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center right here in the Valley--but flew away! So let us know if you see it!

"Transparent Man" by Artist Judy Vars. Modeled by Peter.

His skin is transparent, showing his anatomy, lungs, vessels, and especially his heart. Peter is wearing a body suit, fabric paint, a brain hat, Plaster of Paris, acrylic, latex and LED lights. This outfit gives new meaning to the term "turning you inside out"! Peter is spilling his guts for fashion. This presentation is underdone, overexposed, and over the top!

"Down the Road to a New Life" by Artist Kris Abshire. Modeled by Mindy Nix.

The original woven fabric for this coat emerged from the "someday, maybe" basket of failed projects. Meanwhile, life changed in a 3-day decision to move a thousand miles away. Something was needed to "keep the hands busy" during the road trip, so quickly tearing strips and putting them back together again on the road seemed like a logical process at the time.

"The Zip" by Artist Linda Lockhart. Modeled by the artist.

Excessive access and materials will make The Zip a perfect match for "Overdone". This piece was inspired by the music. For this original piece, Linda used over 100 zippers to create what she describes as a romantic image of techno / biker / hula / ballet ensemble. The accessive excessive materials came from a garage sale find of hundreds of colorful zippers repurposed as a fabric base.

"Post Industrial Plastic Pixie" by Artist Bridgette Preston. Modeled by Mary Samuel.

Do you ever wonder what to do with all that green plastic strapping tape lying around the lumber yards? The answer comes in the form of this Post Industrial Plastic Pixie. The cut and rolled plastic strapping clicks as you walk, without the discomfort of high heals! Inspired by the TV show "Project Runway", Bridgette really MADE IT WORK!

"Little Bo Peep" by Artist Bonnie Scherer. Modeled by the artist.

What shepherdess doesn't want a fashionable, warm and water-resistant outfit to wear as she tends her sheep? Our Little Bo Peep has resourcefully created a lovely, handmade flounced skirt made of recycled grocery bags--42 of them to be exact! This skirt is layers and layers of lightweight plastic that rustle and swirl with each step that Little Bo Peep takes. If the sheep are listening they shouldn't stray far!

"Alaskan Forest Nymph" by Artist Colleen Wake. Modeled by Lyndian Freeman.

This nymph is going to a party, and she's "overdone" herself with a lot of feathers, beads, crystalts, rhinestones, ivy, and glitter! Colleen likes to make small clay fairies and decided, for this show, a super size version would be better. Colleed added something to her creation everyday and felt like she was overdoing it along the way. This Alaskan Forest Nymph is ready for a party in the woods any day!

"Eco Chic" by Artists Lauren Gette-King and Marilena Staudenmaier. Modeled by Lauren Gette-King.

The artists were inspired by current environmental issues to make an eco-friendly ball gown. This gown is made of recycled materials including newspapers, paper bags, and metal hoops. They feel that a high level of consumerism should be over and done with. Let's make less garbage!

"Global Warming Spirit of the Icecaps" by Artist Bridgett Preston. Modeled by Charlie Warner.

The polar ice caps may be melting, but this outfit is not going anywhere. Inspired by "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore, this designer has reduced her carbon footprint by reusing and recycling plastic bags, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, mesh, cellophane, and our favorite, DUCT TAPE!

"Joseph's Sister's Winter Coat" by Artist Kris Abshire. Modeled by Kenzie Newell.

This coat began as an exploratory venture into combining various wrap and weft combinations to bring together compatible colors in pleasing combinations. What slowly emerged became obvious--a "coat made of many colors" begging for "many hours" of obsessed construction and embellishing!

"Garage Sale Gladiatress" by Artists Victoria Bush and Becky Hiatt. Modeled by Kim Fitzgerald.

Belts, belts, belts everywhere! In the past, belts were used to hold things up, but now they're being used to get down and funky! Model Kim Fitzgerald is sharing a different way to show off your beautiful belts while wearing a gladiator suit, a brestplate, and a helmet!

"Nature's Enigma" by Artist Erica Phillipsen. Modeled by Leann Case.

This dress is adorned with vines, leaves, butterflys, and glitter. This is fashion inspired by nature! It makes you think of summertime, green life, butterflys, sparkle, and beautiful Mother Nature, so be careful and don't tread" on her!

"The Punk Flamingo" by Artist Margaret Rogers. Modeled by Emily Samuel.

Margaret Rogers of Mistress Margaret Designs has been creating "Punk Flamingo" lawn ornaments in Palmer for many years. When a friend of the artist was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, Margaret decided to dedicate this year's Wearable Art entry to the many people affected by this disease. Early detection saves lives, so please do regular self exams and get regular mammograms after age 40 so that you may ROCK ON! Over 300 feathers and 200 feet of duct dape created this big bird!

"Art on Fire" by Artist Patrick Garley. Modeled by the artist.

Fired-up artist Patrick Garley is making art out of fire..... he'll show you...... watch out for the hot, hot, hot Valley Arts Alliance event in June called "Art on Fire", an iron casting art fest right here in the Valley at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla.