The Third Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Bring It On!" - February 21, 2009

Dusty Bannon, the talented acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, opens the Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show at the Palmer Depot in Palmer, Alaska, on Saturday night, February 21, 2009.

"Late Night in Gotham"
Designed and Created by Jessica Newton
Modeled by the artist

This Goth art-deco outfit is all needle-felted wool, so no stitching anywhere! Which means "no strings attached" to this lady!

Meeting this elegance in a dark alley would be intimidating!

"Oddly Comfortable"
Designed and Created by Mary Hertert
Modeled by Erin Kittredge

Meet the downturn of the economy by wearing oddly angled clothing. Mary Hertert designed this using left-over hand-dyed Egyption cotton. It's all experimental, and this garment can be tossed, wrapped, left alone or pinned.

It's oddly comfortable!

"I'm So Done With Chores Tonight"
Designed and Created by Debbie LaBounty
Modeled by the artist

This dress shows you can "bring it on" for the evening without even changing out of your daytime clothes!

The apron covers the dress during kitchen cleanup, but when removed uncovers a skirt just perfect for a casual dinner out of the house.

The halter style bodice fits like a glove. Like a latex dishwashing glove, to be exact! The gloves cup the boobs, and fingertips make up the straps. The flirty skirt has some yellow sparkly tulle for shine.

This modern woman carries a Betty Crocker cookbook made into a smart purse, perfect for carrying essentials like a wallet, hairbrush, lipstick and recipes for molded jello salads and Spam casseroles!

"Southern Belle Book Statement" and "Library Pig"
Designed and Created by Jodee Force
Modeled by Jeanne Troshynski and Randy Robinson

The Southern Belle Book Statement is part of the Altered Book Art Contest organized by the Friends of the Wasilla Public Library. Remember, a discarded book is silent; an altered book sings!

The little pig and her friends will be warm and cozy in the new Wasilla Library. Remember, the best house was built of bricks, and it takes one brick at a time. Bring on the Bricks!

"My Mama's Squirrel Skins"
Designed and Created by Alice Scherp
Modeled by Lauren Gette-King

We are honored to have Alice's mama's squirrel skins on the runway tonight. Alice's Inupiaq mother prepared the squirrel skins, but she passed away before they could be fashioned into a coat.

So Alice had to learn how to make this coat. She combined her mother's squirrel skins with skins of wolf, wolverine, beaver and sheared calf skins, to fashion this beautiful coat and make her mother's dream come alive.

With the coat, Lauren is wearing a smoke ring that Alice also made. You can learn to do this too! Just find a teacher and fulfill your dream!

"The Cabbage Fairies"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton and Pat Gakin
Modeled by the artists

How else does an overdone in age lady get tons of requests for photos? Just wear a green net tutu with feather hat and bra, stockings and practical shoes for walking cabbage rows!

Alaska State Fair "cabbage fairies" toil to grow giant cabbage and giant fun at each State Fair during the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off Contest.

"Passionate Crochet"
Designed and Created by Jeanne Phillips
Modeled by Lauren Gette-King

Jeanne has a passion for crocheting, and that means everything is crocheted. The cowl-necked sweater-dress, hat, chain bag, hand bag, and even a crocheted outfit for her pet.

Bring it on, Jeanne!

"Tough Enough"
Designed and Created by Joanna Buckley-Lee
Modeled by Kathleen Cavender and Kenni Benak

Bring on the wind! The strength and stamina of the feminine! The frailty of feathers are sometimes seen as too fragile, yet are strong enough to let us soar.

These custom designed and hand made costumes use domestic and exotic bird feathers, embellished with swaroski crystals.

"The Fiery Godmother"
Designed and Creatd by Suzie Sevilla and Carmen Summerfield
Modeled by Suzie Sevilla

Vulcan brought fire to man; some say this started all the trouble! The Valley Arts Alliance brought the "Art of Fire" Iron Pour Art Fest to the Valley; some say this started all the trouble!

The fiery godmother is the spirit of this year's Valley Arts Alliance "Art on Fire" festival on June 27, and she invites you to join the fun!

Come see the blacksmiths, lamp worked glass and Raku fired pottery, and watch a "live" iron pour!

"Fashion Fighter"
Designed and Created by Lisa Sparrow
Modeled by the artist

Bring on the challenge to wear whatever you want, no matter how crazy! Just keep in mind that clothes are only clothes, and don't take them too seriously!

Designed and Created by Nan Potts
Modeled by the artist

In the animal kingdom, the raven has inspired artisans since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so into the distant future!

Nan Potts has modeled her creation on the raven known as "Kookli", who lives at the Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center right here in the Valley.

So be sure to say hi to "Kookli" before she flies back home!

"Honey Bee Queen"
Designed and Created by Judy Vars
Modeled by Ashley Meadows

Judy Vars is well known for her painting using Encaustic Was, a form of bees wax. So it was only natural for her to create the "Honey Bee Queen" using the same medium.

This honey hive is constructed with yards and yards of muslin netting, chicken wire, silk flowers, and recycled materials. Real bees wax is used for the honeycomb in the front of the dresss. Ashley is "sweet as honey" and the bees are attracted to her hive.

Bring it on, Honey!

"Bring on Spring"
Designed and Created by Colleen Wake
Modeled by Lyndian Freeman

After a long Alaskan winter, we are ready for spring! Bring it on!

This tye-dyed dress has snow hanging on it, and flowers peak through the late season snow in the spring. Alaska's winters drag us down, but they are always followed by spring!

"Barbie Girl"
Designed and Created by Jasmin Johnson
Modeled by the artist

Barbie, that iconic American dream, will turn 50 years young on March 9, 2009.

We all know that Barbie is perfect. A bit stiff, perhaps, but still perfect. Now let your inner Barbie break free, and bring on the "real you". Everyone likes you much better when you are yourself.

During her life, Barbie inspired hundreds of songs, but none more controversial than the 1997 tune "Barbie Girl" by the group Aqua, which was voted in 2007 as one of the most annoying songs ever. But Barbie continues as strong as ever!

"It's Snowing"
Desisgned and Created by Jan Ingram and Carol McCarty
Modeled by Shanette Harper

Bring on the snow-we are ready! This creation is a wax resist silk painting by Jan Ingram, and was inspired by the joy of seeing the first snow of the season.

The sequins make the coat sparkle, like the eyes of Old Man Winter. Sewing the sequins was an act of love during the cold winter months.

"Dream On"
Designed and Created by Nicole Pease
Modeled by the artist

In Alaska, a fairy godmother would have to use duct tape and a blue tarp to make this evening gown for Cinderella, complete with her pumpkin carriage!

All of us long for our Prince or Princess Charming, so bring it on!

"Sexy Lady on the Floor"
Designed and Created by Becky Hiatt
Modeled by Erica Miller

Bring it on, Mister Peacock, because Erica will surely rival you with her use of color!

Becky Hiatt used silk ties, peacock blue fabric, faux fur wrap and pieces of belt in her creation. Becky says that she always loved the colors in a Peacock's feathers, and noticed that men's ties would replicate this. The outfit grew from there!

Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by the artist

"Bring on the beads! Layers and layers of glass, semi-precious stones, Lucite and seed beads sparkle against this black background of velvet. 16 complete necklace and earring sets make up a harness of glitter.

Take a dip in the salsa with this, and Drip On!

"Northern Lights Delight" and "The Red City Fox"
Designed and Created by Vicky Fenster
Modeled by Vicky Fenster and Barbra Howard

No matter what winter weather mother nature brings on, we are fine! This traditional Norton Sound parkee will keep you warm below zero, in the wind, whatever!

It was a community project and labor of love, women gathering together to sew. Let the fur fly!

"The Dress Unraveled"
Designed and Created by Mary Hertert
Modeled by Erin Kittredge

The Dress Unraveled is much the same as all of her relationships.

The garment is made of two separate kayak cotton bags. The top piece was dyed first, then unraveled. Mary loves anything that can be deconstructed to make a garment. There is no stitching anywhere.

If the model gets stressed, she can unravel the garment even more! Bring on Taking Apart!

Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Christina Sena

Careful, you'll put your eye out with that! A slinky under dressing is topped with some very pointy pieces.

No shaved ice here, but be careful, she may shave you! Bring on the 600 paper cone cups!

"Shiney Brite"
Designed and Created by Victoria Bush
Modeled by Kim Fitzgerald

Shiney Brite, also known as Mack the Knife, is here in the dark of night, wearing an eye-catching, over-the-top, attention getting outfit made from Christmas tree trim, dashboard covers, table cloths and belts.

"Poker Face"
Designed and Created by sisters Lyndzy Moore and Myriah Thomas
Modeled by the artists

Recycled vinyl was used to make this slinky number. And trash bags to create Lyndzy's bustle. Plus recycled soda can holders create her veil.

Take a gamble with this ensemble!