The 4th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Colony Couture!" - February 20, 2010

Carmen Summerfield, president of the Valley Arts Alliance, was Master of Ceremonies at the 4th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show, held February 20 at the Palmer Depot.

Josh Fryfogle, the talented acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, opened our event with a selection of his music.

"Pioneer Pleat"
Designed and Created by Jessica Newton
Modeled by the artist

Pioneer PLEAT is a comPLEAT outfit featuring your favorite PLEATS of the Chugach Mountains.

Made of 100% cotton fabrics, this elegant piece challenges the most intrepid adventurer.

Subtle color changes reflect the stone and ice that surrounded our Colony settlers.

Featuring a Matanuska collar and cow(L), this outfit reflects the challenge of mountain farming in an avalanche zone, as well as the frustration of thinking you have summited, only to be greeted by the sight of another ridge.

"Metal Morphosis"
Designed and Created by Angela Hendrickson
Modeled by Jaclyn Wirtanen

This stunning gown has been created by the designers of Avenue 7, using metal and copper wire, with a splash of fabric.

Who said that armor can’t be fashionable!

The skirt is riveted together using scraps of metal, which Avenue 7 welded straight to this custom fitted bust.

The headdress is out of this world and reaches a peak of 2 feet.

"Ant Colony Couture"
Designed and Created by Colleen and Sierra Wake
Modeled by the artists

High fashion colony ants on the cat walk.

There are two of them wearing outfits that came straight from the 2010 Paris ant colony fashion show.

The latest in “Bug Fashion”.

"Cabbage Mirandas"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton and Pat Gakin
Modeled by Ginny Lawton, Pat Gakin and Audrey Kelly

A colony take on Carmen Miranda, so bring on the Valley Vegetables, ladies! Carmen Miranda would definitely approve, and so does this Carmen.

Who says we can’t bring the tropics to Alaska?

I see some hot peppers on the runway.

"The Lovely DeVinyl"
Designed and Created by Tamora Harding-Childs
Modeled by Claire Childs

Spun together in a harmonious arrangement of vinyl, plastic, and video tape, Claire moves gracefully in this floral-influenced, multi-media dress.

With a variety of manipulated plastics, this girl is a walking soft sculpture of elegance.

From her vinyl record hat to her grocery bag train, Claire could wear this to any glamorous occasion, providing there are no open flames around!

"Sockeye Queen"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Christina Sena

It’s time for the Sockeye Queen to go to redd.

This very transitional piece and the amended ocean music by Linda Lockhart portrays the transformation of the sockeye salmon queen.

Her eggs will bring life, and her bones will become nutrients for the next generation.

"Miss MATI"
Designed and Created by Georgie Hollander
Modeled by Georgie and Tom Hollander

Miss MATI and her escort of the day, Tom.

Tom is going to give Miss MATI a ride to the museum, preferably in a surrey with a fringe on top.

Miss MATI used the May 1901 issue of the Delineator Magazine for inspiration to create high fashion Colony Couture, using all the jacquard fabric in the colony.

Miss MATI practices her moves with the Borealis Dancers.

So visit her at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, MATI.

She’ll be there for the Valley Arts Alliance Art on Fire production in June, for sure!

"Raven Duplication"
Designed and Creatd by Nan Potts and Laura DeRungs
Modeled by Nan Potts, Laura DeRungs and Noah Fryfogle

Kooki returns to our stage, and brings with her Ilkook, the White Raven (they really do exist!). They are reverse images and counter parts of one another, the Yin and Yang of Revendom.

Kookli and Ilkook display their plumage and soar to inspirational music depicting their rendition of generational creation.

These birds of a feather are fashioned from dyed feathers, fabric, and miles and miles of duct tape! But above all, lots of imagination!

Tonight, KaKa the Young Raven, comes into the world and joins the Ravens in their spirit of play and joy of being.

"Paper Poetry"
Designed and Created by Diane Wirtanen
Modeled by Bethany Broderson

Avenue 7 proudly presents this masterpiece.

It seems they have done it again… Garbage has been transformed into beauty, using scraps of paper waste and a sewing needle.

This gown is 100% organic and recyclable.

While staying Earth friendly, it is simply poetry in motion.

Each separate piece of paper has been selected and hand painted and retro-fitted to create this piece of art.

"Victorian Prasino"
Designed and Created by Audrey Adcock
Modeled by Victoria Moropoulos

Prasino is Greek for “green’—recycled green that is.

It all started with a green ad for Sophia’s Kafe Neo, also some coffee filters entered the brew, and Audrey and Victoria came up with a delightful recycled idea.

"Carhartts and Carrots"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Michealla Ables

Carhartt is the fashion statement for Alaska, and orange carrots go well with Carhartts, so this is high fashion Carhartt Colony Couture!

She has her Carhartts are overlaid with many resin suns, a bouquet of carrots in her hair and, with her lace-up boots, she’s ready for harvest.

"Tinker Tarp"
Designed and Created by Nicole Pease
Modeled by the artist

This is fairy magic, Alaska style! TnT, Tarp ‘n’ Tape!

It doesn’t take much to make a tarp fly in Alaska, so Tinker Tarp may fly off any time.

Here she comes!

Check out her fishing lure earrings, six-pack plastic slippers, and bullet necklace with live ammo. This fairy comes loaded!

Designed and Created by Kaela and Kristy Larson
Modeled by Kaela Larson

This “Twilight” inspired gown is created by this sister team from Pandemonium Booksellers and Café.

Several art disciplines and techniques were used to create this piece, including Dip dying, a detailed hand painted forest, hand painted cliffs of LaPush, and much more.

You may even see a werewolf howling at the diamond sky!

"Here Comes the Sun"
Desisgned and Created by Kathleen Meggitt
Modeled by the artist

This is an intarsia sunflower jacket, so Kathleen knitted blocks of color and fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Kathleen is carrying a purse knit from the same yarns, in a Fair Isle design of bees, called the Bee’s Knees.

So, as those late summer nights turn colder, just carry the sun with you and let her rays warm you.

Kathleen owns “Valley Sock, the School Of Creative Knitting” right here in the Valley.

"Nailed It"
Designed and Created by Bethany Buckingham
Modeled by the artist

Nailed It features a new twist on the spiked heel, times 2.

Want fashion on the fly in the Alaskan Bush? Look no further than your own garage.

Grab some duct tape, nails, a tarp and some shoes to create this colony couture.

Great for an evening on the town or repairing your roof after the valley winds, you’ll always be ready and in style.

This outfit is also great for fending off those pesky moose, bear and other beasts in the Alaskan wilderness.

Dressed up or dressed down, this piece is a must have for any valley vixen.

"The Changeling"
Designed and Created by Victoria Bush and Becky Hiatt
Modeled by Kim Fitzgerald

This outfit is made from a bed skirt, nightgown and plastic Elizabethan dog collars.

Oh, the changes in women’s clothing! 

When bustles went away, skirts started coming up, and legs were beginning to show.

Colony Couture is all about coming to a new place and shedding your old skin.

"The Art on FireFLY"
Designed and Created by Pat Garley
Modeled by Casi Tacke

The Art on FireFLY is doing her fire dance this evening.

She’ll do her fire dance again at the Art on Fire festival in June, where she’ll join other artists who have been bitten by the fire bug.

They will be pouring cast iron sculptures, forging metal, and firing pottery into beautiful designs.

If you want to be bitten by the fire bug, come to the MATI on June 26.

Designed and Created by Bobbi Wilson and Katy Schmidt
Modeled by Bobby Wilson

This is a sample of the performance of My Servant Iyov on May 21 and 22 at Sophia’s Kafe Neo.

Modern dance with a twist, by the Sessions Dance Crew.

Locally trained dancers and performers, with original choreography.

Here she comes!