The 5th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Anything Goes!" - February 19, 2011

Myriah Thomas was Master of Ceremonies at the 5th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show, held February 19 at the Palmer Depot.

This year we added a 2pm matinee performance in addition to the regular 7pm pereformance.

Lulu Small, the talented acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, opened our 7pm evening performance.

Matanuska Winds (not shown), a brass ensemble headed by Gleo Huyck, opened our 2pm matinee performance.

Designed and Created by Anne-Marijke van Dijken
Modeled by Carmen Summerfield

We can now call this an international show!

Carmen's sister Anne-Marijke, who lives in the Netherlands, made this key-chain mail out of her friends key collection. The gloves were knitted by Carmen's mom.

No more "Where did I put my keys?"

"Voices of Spring"
Designed and Created by Margret Hugi-Lewis
Modeled by Ilana Amason

An evening dress insprired by fashion between 1800 and our time, constructed of painter's drop cloth and acrylic paint.

"Flamigo Flamenco"
Designed and Created by Pat Gakin, Audrey Kelly, and Ginny Lawton
Modeled by the artists

These ditsy flamingos stopped in Las Vegas to augment their tail feathers in showgirl fashion. There they took up tulle, glitz, and flamenco dancing. The passion of the dance befuddled them so completely that they headed north and ended up in Alaska.

Eager to show off their fancy plumage they're sash-shaying down the runway. Asked about their future plans, they intend to "chill out" in Alaska until fall when they hope to fly south with the help of accommodating sandhill cranes.

Until then, what happens in Alaska, stays in Alaska!

"Recyclled Egyptian Mommy"
Designed and Created by Colleen Wake
Modeled by Colleen Wake and Sierra Wake

Based on ancient Egyptian clothing, over 400 aluminum cans were used, 250 in the cape alone! The little Egyptian mummy's dress is made of brocade and 38 aluminum can in the collar.

Colleen started the beading of the head pieced over one month ago!

"Penelope, the Steam Punk Pirate"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Michealla Ables

This very fancy pirate is jumping the gun (or in her case, the canon) for the 4th pirate film coming out later this year!

And come see Penelope and her pirate friends on the last 3 weekends in September at "Pirates of Dollar Lake" in Big Lake!

"Divine Contrast"
Designed and Created by Tamora Harding-Childs
Modeled by Claire Childs

Claire’s dress is the inspiration of both the 1990’s music scene and today’s whimsical youth. The dark corseted lines of tension flow into a release of soft billowing lightness. The mood is accentuated by distressed plastics and organic material that echoes a silent lucidity and feminine strength.

This dress design portrays the art of contrast—“Without darkness, there is no light!

"Mondrian in Motion"
Designed and Created by Margret Hugi-Lewis
Modeled by Rod Sisson

This outfit brings Neo-Plasticism to a new level. Piet Mondrian was part of the art movement called “de stijl”, and his famous painting “Broadway Boogie Woogie” painted in 1943 is now at the MOMA in Manhattan. Boogie Woogie is the music Mondrian loved….

Thank you, Piet, for bringing “de stijl” to Alaska, and thank you Margret for painting your studio in Mondrian colors!

Designed and Creatd by Sandra Cook
Modeled by the artist

This Talking Heads’ song fits how Sandra feels about living in Palmer.

Her skirt is made of hand dyed, hand spun and hand knitted Merino wool. The multicolored skirt is blended in colors representing the colors of nature, and the stripes also represent the valley farm fields. The top is a hand spun and hand knitted sweater of natural Romney wool.

Other accessories are either hand felted, hand spun and woven or embellished. Wool is hand dyed with Jacquard and Laniset dyes painted onto roving and then spun on a spinning wheel.

It looks like she’s coming right off the boat!

"Feather, Leather and Fun"
Designed and Created by Rachelle Medica
Modeled by the artist

Rachelle dresses up every day using her wolf tail and other found objects from her attic. She has lots of stuff, since she did runway shows in San Francisco and at Burning Man.

"Alaska Airlines Flt 193 approaching Los Angeles"
Designed and Created by Patricia Sims
Modeled by Jennifer Lombard

This outfit was inspired by the view from a flight into Los Angeles International Airport.

The wrap-around skirt represents the sparkling city and runway lights at twilight, and the teals and blues represent the water at the ocean shore.

"Gaia Tribal Dancers"
Dancers are Charity Phillips-Little and Jennifer Forsberg

Gaia Tribal is an Alaskan troupe based in Palmer that performs a unique style of belly dance called Tribal Group Improv.

Gaia believes deeply in the tribal philosophy which is founded on the strength of women and that dance is community based and interpretive within a set series of movements.

This Troupe is named for the mythical goddess of creation in honor of our desire to create and dance together.

"Balloons Gone Wild"
Designed and Created by Kimbra Mensch, Marilyn Morey, and Anne Maria Olsen
Modeled by Sarah Thompson

This creation is made entirely from balloons. A collaboration of twisted balloon ladies at the Twisted Balloon Shop in Wasilla.

"In Full Plume"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton
Modeled by Kate Lawton

Bedecked in satin, taffeta, and lace, Kate models an 18th century robe à la française, the gown a highborn lady would wear on formal occasions—a fête, a ball or even to court. Another name for this style of gown is sack-dress, in reference to the pleated train that hangs from the back. The peacock taffeta of the train and petticoat—curtains from Pier One Imports—is an elegant reminiscence of the embroidered fabrics of that period.

Yes indeed, there are opening in the dress and the petticoat that allow access to hidden pockets. Kate returns later in dishabille to show the undergarments that form the armature for such a fashion. Just in case you are wondering, ladies often had to go through doorways sideways.

"Urban Cowgirl"
Desisgned and Created by Victoria Bush and Becky Hiatt
Modeled by Kasi Tacki

This second-hand cowgirl is made from all recycled materials from thrift stores, mostly belts.

Vicki is the ultimate belt collector, but strictly for art purposes!

"Singing In The Rain"
Designed and Created by Marlene Smith
Modeled by the artist

This all-plastic ensemble is made from table cloths, placements, and shower curtains and more! the sunflower pattern is to tease the sun back from the rain.

Check out her special rain boots!

"The Mistress of Time"
Designed and Created by Nicole Barker and Judy Vars
Modeled by Judy Vars

The Mistress of Time is packed and ready for adventure—any place and any time.

This Steampunk inspired creation is Victorian fashion meets technology, form meets function, machines meet magic. The look is inspired by a future vision of Jules Verne and modern technology powered by steam.

Materials: Cogs, gears, watch parts, springs, brass, old papers and maps, ephemera, Victorian lace, taffeta, and leather.

"Peacock Deplumed"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton
Modeled by Kate Lawton

Like Kate Hardcastle, the heroine of She Stoops to Conquer, our Kate "stoops" to wearing her undergarments in order to show how the 18th century lady, clad in pannier and corset, acquired her "look."

The detailed sewing required more than 40 hours of construction time. Although the whalebone, or baleen, that provided the stiffening in 18th century garments has been replaced by modern materials, the rigidity and inconvenience of wearing such a garment remains—and surely convinces modern ladies they are lucky to inhabit the 21st century. No lady could get into or out of her corset without the assistance of her maid, a scarce commodity nowadays.

And in farewell, she reveals a ribbon tied above her knee to keep her white stockings in place. The ribbon was a sought-after trophy among the gentlemen of the day.

Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Kiley Shanaberger

This outfit is mostly made from recycled boxes from LED light tubes. Also some Christmas ornaments, raffia, and silk flowers.

"Wild About Alaska"
Designed and Created by Monica King
Modeled by the artist

We are wild about re-using here in Alaska, so we can keep our wild beautiful.

This creation was inspired by 79 wallpaper sample books. The mask is made from wall paper, the fan is made from paint stirring sticks.

Check out the northern lights scene, the birch trees, and the forget-me-nots on the front.

"The Art On Fire Dancer"
Designed and Created by Pat Garley
Modeled by Krista Gray

The Art on Fire Dancer is here to invite you to join her at the Art on Fire festival in June.

Come watch hot liquid iron being poured, bars of red-hot steel being forged, hand made pieces of pottery taking on a beautiful glaze in flames, and glass being transformed by a hot flame.

And during the day watch the Sahara Storm Tribal group perform. Your mother taught you not to play with fire, but come anyway to the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla, on Saturday June 25, 2011.

For more information, visit our dedicated archives page.

"Bertie's Big Night;
Designed and Created by Victoria Bush, Pat Garley, Becky Hiatt, Nan Potts, and Carmen Summerfield
Modeled by Nan Potts and assisted by Noah Fryfogle

Bertie the juvenile Albertosaurus has wandered out of his backyard, and his friend Noah has found him and is leading him back home.

Artists of the Valley Arts Alliance painted a mural at the Alaska State Fair, featuring a similar creature from that time period, a Pachyrhinosaurus.

For more information, visit our dedicated archives page.