The 6th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Valley Vogue!" - February 18, 2012

The 6th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

Myriah Thomas (left) was the Master of Ceremonies, shown here with Carmen Summerfield, president of the Valley Arts Alliance.

The Matanuska Winds brass quintet opened the 7pm evening performance.

Josh Fryfogle, the talented acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, performed with UTN and Joe Hartman.

UTN (Unite The North), Alaska's best Hip Hop group, has been together for more than 5 years.

Joe Hartman, with his stand-up bass, joined UTN at the VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show.

"Valley Vogue"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Randy Robinson

Randy embodies Valley Vogue in her "going to town" Carhartts. The Valley Arts Alliance is showing Linda's creation again to help Randy in this leap year.... very, very quiet... Randy is hunting men....

...I mean rabbits...

"Kitty With An Attitude"
Designed and Created by Dianne Boyd
Modeled by Sherri Haag

This Tuxedo Cat is strutting into town looking for trouble.

Stray kitties... Watch Out!

"The Blue Porcelain Man"
Designed and Created by Margaret Hugi-Lewis
Modeled by Rod Sisson

The blue-on-white Delft porcelain from Holland is the inspiration behind Rod's outfit.

The suit jacket is white, shining like a porcelain piece, with a hand painted design. The suit pants are decorated with painted ceramic plates and vases in the same Delft style.

With his blue skin, he is truly the Blue Porcelain Man!

"Fur Real"
Designed and Created by Colleen Wake and her daughter Sierra
Modeled by Sierra Wake

Sierra is striking out on her own this year as the brown panther, in this fake fur fashion statement!

"What Ever"
Designed and Created by Colleen Wake
Modeled by the artist

Made from plastic canvas top, beads, fur, feathers, and a hoop skirt of blue plastic water line, this ensemble simulates bright colored pop-corn being pop'd!

"Stars Come Out At Night"
Designed and Creatd by Sandra Cook
Modeled by the artist

This song by Right Said Fred fits how Sandra feels about living in Palmer.

Hand pieced and painted skirt made out of repurposed Always wrappers. Fashion week just finished in New York, but it has nothing on Palmer!

"Kaso Hana Shinpu"
Designed and Created by Barb Howard
Modeled by Dena Tanguay

This plastic flower bride is inspired by Palmer's Sister City in Japan, Saroma Town.

This outfit is made from recycled plastic bottles and satin. The original hat was a bride's hat from South America. This truly makes it a double-recycled international event.

"Bo Peep and Her Lost Sheep"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton, Pat Gakin, Audrey Kelley, and Kate Lawton
Modeled by the artists

These lambs who have lost their way have made good use of their time by decking their wool with fabric flowers. They may have lost their way, but they're having a grand time on their gambol.

Bo Peep is looking for her sheep, but she too has found time to decorate herself with garlands of festive fabric flowers. If she finds her sheep, they can all frisk about together!

Designed and Created by Vicki Bush and Becky Hiatt
Modeled by Pam Huyck

With all the road construction going on in the Valley, we want to give the flaggers a break. Maybe by wearing an outfit like this, people with actually stop!

Here is a whole new meaning to steel-toed shoes. This outfit is made from re-purposed traffic control equipment donated by a retired flagger!

"Unflappable T-Shirt"
Designed and Created by Jodee Force
Modeled by Jeanne Troshynski

This flapper dress with handbag and headband is made from T-shirts!

Designed and Created by Tamora Harding-Childs
Modeled by Claire Childs

The inspiration for this dress arrived by a dream of metallic on white, where a positive flow of spirit emerged.

Claire is wearing a garment made of plastics, latex, and found and recycled objects. Together, the materials simulate an artistic enigma, that we would identify as a fashioinable apparition.

"The Queen of Tarp"
Desisgned and Created by Margaret Hugi-Lewis
Modeled by Ilana Amason

The industrial look of grommets is the inspiration behind Ilana's evening dress.

This elegant dress is made from silver tarp painted with silver paint with an under dress in brown tarp, decorated with over 300 grommets and some silk ribbons.

Don't you love the industrial look of an elegant evening dress?

"Material GIrls"
Designed and Created by Monica King
Modeled by Monica King, Carolyn Massey, and Kristine Vandergriff

The outfits you see here are made from drapery material samples... who knew picking out curtains could inspire the fabulous runway attire seen here!

Winter Windows of Wasilla donated these material samples. Thanks to the Valley Arts Alliance and creative minds everywhere some old things are being repurposed so they don't end up in the trash. Please try and recycle!

"Oh Christmas Tree"
Designed and Created by Susan Dowd Barrier
Modeled by the artist

Anything that lights up has got to be good!

Add lots of tinsel, pink balls, and a dazzle of gingerbread women in costumes of their own, and you have a festive, joyfull creation!

This extends the joy of the season, and after-Christmas sales help, too!

"Vinyl Is Forever"
Designed and Created by Kaela Hartman
Modeled by the artist

Made from up-cycled vinyl records. This is NOT another dusty vinyl on the shelf.

Vinyl lives forever!

"First Snow of Winter"
Designed and Created by Becky Hiatt and Vicki Bush
Modeled by Jean Nisperos

Made from white fleece, Christmas decorations, white bath towels, white nurse's hose, and more.

This outfit is inspired by the first snow of winter. There's nothing like seeing snow again for the first time. Although we've kinda had enough snow for now!

"Sister See-Duct-Shun"
Designed and Created by Nicole Pease
Modeled by the artist

After several inspirations of Tarp 'n' Tape (T'N'T) attire, Nicki was inspired to convert some of her other creations into this creation.

She is devoted to wearable art!

"Fisherman's Bride"
Designed and Created by Martha Peck
Modeled by Sarah Geary

The back of the dress is the mountain waterfall, starting the whole process of oxygenating the water and proviing dissolvable minerals as the basic elements of life. The front of the dress is the river, each piece of fabric representing the twists and turns of the water as it finds its way to the ocean.

The ascending salmon return nutrients lost to the ocean and enrich the entire cycle, beginning with the roe in the headpiece. The herring seine sleves and thes spin-and-flows attached shows the water for both fun and sustenance.

"Art on Fire Dragon"
Designed and Created by Pat Garley, Jeanne Young, and Carmen Summerfield
Modeled by Samantha, Eric, and Rachel Young

As this year is the Year of the Dragon, the Art on Fire Dragon is here to invite you to join her at the Art on Fire festival in June.

Come watch hot liquid iron being poured, bars of red-hot steel being forged, hand-made pieces of pottery taking on a beautiful glaze in flames, and glass being transformed by a hot flame.

Your mother taught you not to play with fire, but come anyway to the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, this June!

For more information, visit the 2011 Art on FIre archive page.