The 7th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Arctic Attitude!" - February 16, 2013

The 7th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

"Gerygone & Twig", the indie/folk band consisting of Alex Lindgren, Grace Kari, Rainy Hastings, and Brandon Murak, opened both performances.

Randy Robinson and Carmen Summerfield served as Masters of Ceremony.

"Art on Fire"
Designed and Created by Pat Garley, Nan Potts, and Carmen Summerfield
Modeled by Pat Garley and Carmen Summerfield

Come watch hot liquid iron being poured, bars of red-hot steel being forged, hand-made pieces of pottery taking on a beautiful glaze in flames, and glass being transformed by a hot flame. All at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla this June!

For more information, visit the 2012 Art on Fire archieve page.

"Back in Black"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Colleen Wake

This very haute couture looking outfit is made from black garbage bags and chrome duct tape.

"Arctic Ice Mermaid"
Designed and Created by Colleen and Sierra Wake
Modeled by Sierra Wake

This Arctic Ice Mermaid swims down the frigid runway in satin, sequins, a crown and a tail.

"Designer Dress"
Designed and Created by Elsie DeDoux
Modeled by Gia Beth Bolton

A chic, elegant dress made entirely of interior design elements, such as wall paper and drapes, paint strips, lamp shades and mini-chandeliers, etc.

"Synthesized Kuspuk"
Designed and Created by Tamora Harding-Childs
Modeled by Clair Ashlyn

This piece is a collaboration of synthetic elements inspired by the Alaska Native Kuspuk garment. Tamora merges her passion for mixed-media art with traditional aspects of our indigenous people's design to interpret an original look to capture the theme of Arctic Attitude.

"Arctic Village People"
Designed and Created by Nan Potts and Pat Garley
Modeled by Nan Potts and friends

This is mimicry in motion! Using hand-me-downs, PVC pipe, and lots of imagination!

"Valley Trash Beautiful"
Designed and Created by Peter Nicholson
Modeled by Kalie Kock

This beautiful dress, made from recycled materials and trash, is pulling apart the old "Valley Trash" cliche.

"30's Throwback"
Designed and Created by The Palmer Museum of History and Art
Modeled by Kyndra White-Hunt and Jacob Pennell

Feed bags were printed with a pattern during the Great Depression so folks could use feed bags as clothing, even here in Palmer! I guess this was the first instance of Wearable Art in the Valley.

Beginning in May there will be a permanent exhibit of these feed bag dresses with a dress-up station at the Palmer Museum of History and Art.

"Arctic Babe on a Budget"
Designed and Created by Emily Hughes
Modeled by Adrienne Pauling

Is it a snowflake? Is it an angel? No, it's an arctic babe on a budget. Adrienne is fit for the cover of Vogue in her up-cycled dress, made from trash and duct tape. Several hundred grocery bags were needed to form her ballerina-like skirt, which is topped by pleated Anchorage Daily News and Frontiersman newspapers.

This dress is proof that you don't have to dip into your annual Hawaii trip savings in order to stay fashionable up here in the North.

So are you ready to step up your wardrobe a few notches, without dishing out the dough for those fancy designed clothes? Just take a trip to a few trash cans and do a little hair teasing. You can look just as stylish as Adrienne.

"Burning Down the House"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Sandra Cook

Sandra, a carpenter's daughter, is very comfortable with building materials and has taken them one step further to show they aren't just for constructing houses.

The pinafore is constructed of pleated Tyvek with a pleated tar paper over skirt, and the bodice is made of copper wire. She's electrifying with Arctic Attitude and burning down the house with her hair on fire!

"All Decked Out"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton
Modeled by Ginny Lawton, Kate Lawton, Pat Gakin, Audrey Kelley, and Michelle Spiegel-Freeman

On a chill arctic night a rendezvous with these four winsome ladies is a "good deal". Whether you're out "clubbing" or playing with cronies at home, you hope one of these ladies has a "heart". Gussied up in satins and lace, these ladies show it in "spades". They might be a "handfull" with all ther "facets", but they make a gorgeous quartet when all four are in attendance and will "suit" your wishes for good luck.

The "two-faced" Joker is "wild". She is always there to help the Queens "trump" She might have an Ace or two up her sleeve, and is surely ready for a "trick" or "4". No matter how you "shuffle the deck", luck attends you when these ladies bless you with their presence.

"Little Black Dress with Attitude"
Designed and Created by Barb Howard and VickieLee Fenster
Modeled by Melanie Trost

In the far frozen north when darkness reigns, nothing brings us together to modify or lighten our attitudes like a holiday. What does a woman need but a basic black dress to holiday in style. And if the dress can fit any holiday, how perfect is that!

"Snow Child"
Designed and Created by Barbara Andrist
Modeled by Lena Andrist

This is arctic with an attitude! Like the arctic snowdrift that's always changing...

It's cold and fragile, yet beautiful.

Designed, Created and Modeled by Bobbi Wilson and Katy Schmidt

Revontulet is a modern Finnish term meaning "the fox's fires" which derived from a Finnish myth about the Northern Lights. According to Sami legend, the lights are caused by an Arctic Fox sweeping it's tail through the snow causing sparks in the sky.

We hope you enjoy this interpretation, not only visually, but also through dance!

Designed and Created by Elsie LeDoux
Modeled by Jasmin Butrlakorn

An elegant gown made from tomato cages, garden mesh, and wire.

"My Fair Lady"
Designed and Created by Kelly Larson, Sheri Trask and Kirsten Mason
Modeled by Spenser Massey

What do they do with all those unused Alaska State Fair exhibit ribbons? Well, 300 were recycled into this outfit for the VAA Wearable Art & Runway Fashion Show.

"Mzz BeA Haven"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Nicole Pease

Surprizing Bee Wear for the runway.

This is a play on a 1940's beauty contestant. There are some surprises in the outfit, and leave no Bee behind!

"Canine Couture"
Designed and Created by Nicole Pease
Modeled by Sara Zwink

This bustier for a reinvented sled dog has been around! It was first seen at "Braziers to Nowhere" at the Dorothy Page Museum in Wasilla, and then it made a special trip to the Alaska Home Companion, a variety show put on by the Valley Arts Alliance at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry last October.

This bra will speak for itself!

"Black and Bold"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Claire Ashlyn

Recycled thrift shop meterials inspired this dress where funk meets fashion. Claire pairs together elements of black and bold to bring out the fierce Arctic Attitude of a true Alaska Girl.

"Garden Fairies for Angie"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Bailey, Rain, Dakota, and Wolf Burton, Bob Brown and Missie Hansen

The never-ending cycle of the garden is celebrated in Garden Fairies for Angie.

The Burton family recently lost their mom. Linda Lockhart designed these pieces to celebrate Angie's never-ending love for each of her children. Fairy or snow, the beauty of the garden is always re-born for each of us.

Rain Burton is Spring; Dakota Burton is Summer; Bailey Burton is Fall; and Missie Hansen is the Winter Fairy Godmother. Wolf Burton and Bob Brown present the fairies from Winter's icy grip.

"Fashionably Frosted"
Designed and Created by Monica King
Modeled by Monica King, Kristine Vandegriff and Carolyn Massey

This is where Alaska chill meets fashion. This creation is made from recycled water bottles and bottle caps.

Special thanks to Younique Boutique for the dresses and Valley Community for Recycling Solutions for all the plastic water bottles.