The 8th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Blown Away!" - February 15, 2014

The 8th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

Pat Wake opened both performances.

Randy Robinson and Hillary Saffran served as Masters of Ceremony.

"Sound Man"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Josh Fryfogle

For the past eight years, Josh has served as audio technician for the VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show.

Thanks, Josh!

"Peacock Priestess"
Designed and Created by Colleen and Sierra Wake
Modeled by Sierra Wake

This ensemble is made from repurposed or BORROWED materials. We're not sure where the peacock feathers came from... has anyone checked the peacocks at the Anchorage Zoo?

"2066 Somethings Never Change"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Colleen Wake

This song is from 1966... now it is 2066, and mini-skirts are back! Colleen is self powered by two awesome generators, and her hair sprouts celesstial antennas for satellite reception. The pie pans are from the recycling center.

"Alaska She-Wolves in Palmer"
Designed and Created by Diane Boyd
Modeled by Sheri Haag and Shauna Piersma

This piece is a combination of old shirts and sheets, painted fabric, paper Mache masks and swifter dusters. These she-wolves want to show off their bling, and howl and move it under the Northern Lights. So let's Move It with the Alaska She-Wolves!

"Blown Away Palmer Water Tower"
Designed and Created by Niki Pease
Modeled by Kyndra White-Hunt

Another tarp and tape original. This water tower is a little younger than the water tower from across the road that was built in 1935. This piece was sponsored by Benders of Hair and the Valley Arts Alliance for last summer's Water Towers on Parade event organized by the Palmer Chamber of Commerce.

"Remnants of Royal Punk"
Designed and Created by Tamora Harding-Childs
Modeled by Clair Ashlyn

Blown Away by Carl Sagan’s quote—Lost in a cosmic ocean vast beyond our most courageous imaginings—this piece is a mosaic of recycled materials in motion to represent a theatrical royal flare.

"Thar She Blowsl"
Designed and Created by Barb and Robert Howard, Vickie Lee Fenster, Pamela Ness and Dena Tanguay
Modeled by Barb Howard, Pamela Ness and Vickie Lee Fenster

Blown Away by the beauty of whales and the beauty of repurposed sweaters, Vickie Lee is riding this whale of a piece down the runway.

"I'm a Starburst Peacock; You Gotta Let Me Fly"
Designed and Created by Comisha Carlton and Belinda Rivera
Modeled by Brittani Krebs

The Alaska Job Corps presents a peacock-inspired ensemble made with recycled tablecloths, yarn, and plastic aprons.

"What I Did For Sun"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Noel and Jasmin Bell

What can we do to get the sun to come out?  There always seems to be a cloud in the way.

"Klondike Kate and Rusty Knutts"
Designed and Created by Sandra Cook, Georgie Hollander, John Stroup and Carmen Summerfield
Modeled by Georgie Hollander and John Stroup

Klondike Kate and the quirky curator Rusty Knutts first appeared at the ANNUAL Valley Arts Alliance AK Home Companion show at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry in Wasilla in October.

Kate gives dance lessons and she and Rusty have been dancing together…  you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by their moves.

"A Pinker Shade of Pale"
Designed and Created by Elsie LeDoux
Modeled by Jess Thompson

Butterflies are early indicators of climate change, whose survival is dependent on specific environmental conditions. Unless we take this seriously, paper butterflies may be all that remain.

"Bloom is Off the Rose"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Ginny Lawton and Pat Gakin

This piece is an ATTEMPT at ballerina roses, made from chiffon, net, organza, and a big dose of craziness!

"A Butterfly Blue"
Designed and Created by Elsie LeDoux
Modeled by Jasmin Butrlakorn

Elsie is saddened by the alarming disappearance of thousands of butterflies due to pesticides, pollutants and loss of habitat. Some species may be placed on the endangered list soon.

Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Kiley Shanaberger (matinee performance, shown at left) and Hannah Kahlman (evening performance)

We once used all of these items to entertain ourselves. Now these things are out-of-date in the Digital Age, and have been recycled to entertain us in a different way!

This disco ball of a dress is made of full-size DVDs, mini CDs, VHS video tapes, 8mm video tapes, and cassette tapes. Kiley grew up in a Neighborhood Video shop and shows us some Electronic Attitude in this flashy bit of history.

"Aurora Borealis / Aurora Australis"
Designed and Created by Ginny Lawton
Modeled by Kate Lawton and Michelle Spiegel-Freeman

These energetic charged particles represent high altitude atmospheric phenomena from opposite poles of the Earth.

"Shotgun Chic"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Claire Ashlyn

Ammunition accessories meet fashion! Built from the bullet-reloading bench at home, her love for outdoor sports leaves no question that Alaska girls blow you away with creativity.

"Twist or(ange) Sister / Twister Sister Orange"
Designed and Created by Niki Pease
Modeled by Niki Pease and Amanda Wolf

Another tarp and tape original. Just imagine Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz landing in Alaska, instead of Oz, and being greeted by the quirky half-sister of the Good Witch, Glenda.

"Palmer Alaska 99645"
Designed and Created by Alice LeRue
Modeled by Michaela Houser and Zoe Cleman (matinee performance, shown at left) and Shelby Cleman and Richard Chiolero (evening performance)

This outfit is a copy of the Matanuska-Maid dress on loan from the Palmer Museum, which is based on the trademark Mat-Maid image of a young skater girl.

It was inspired by Sonja Henie, the Norwegian figure skater and three-time Olympic Champion (1928, 1932, 1936).

"Under the Canopy"
Designed and Created by Selena Ortega-Chiolero (the wife), Richard Chiolero (the husband), Alma Ortega (the mom) and Sylvia Solano (the aunt)
Modeled by Selena Ortega-Chiolero

Under a canopy of trees in Alaska, an abundance of wildlife is concealed until, without warning, a slight breeze blows, branches sway, leaves rustle, and suddenly a bird takes flight.

"Pirates of Dollar Lake"
Designed and Created by John Erskine, Missy Hansen, Linda Lockhart and Nan Potts
Modeled by Dakota, Bailey and Rain Burton

The Pirates of Dollar Lake will be presented at Big Lake in July, and tonight we have a sampling of this piratical extravaganza! The characters are representative of the over 100 costumed characters and guides.

"Blown Away; Leaves in a Windstorm"
Designed and Created by Maeve and Nikalee Rath
Modeled by Maeve Rath

This design grew from the image of autumn leaves blowing from a tree in a whipping windstorm. The idea took root, and together Maeve and her Mom nurtured Maeve’s ideas to fruition. No trees were harmed in the making of this piece.

"Color and Texture"
Designed, Created and Modeled by Sandra Cook

Music of the 60s to current day is always blasting in Sandra’s studio, she even busts out a few moves to the likes of the Rolling Stones and Maroon 5. Music adds vibrancy and texture to her life as reflected in her hand knitted and felted vest.

To complement the color and texture of the vest she is wearing a tie-dyed linen pebble textured skirt. Sandra is blown away by Moves like Jagger!

"The Evening News"
Designed and Created by Ammie Catron, Felisha Michaels, and Der Xiong
Modeled by Shyanne McCoullough

Look what just blew in from Alaska Job Corps! This ensemble is made from a concoction of newsprint, trashy tabloids, recycled paper and Pepsi bottle wrappers.

We present not just dirty laundry, but the evening news

"Naughty and Nice"
Designed and Created by Jodee Force
Modeled by Angie Buresh and JoAnn Hinds

You will be blown away by the latest fashion featuring both naughty and nice clothing styles.  What looks like leather is really recycled inner tubes and BLOWN TIRES.  Calvin Klein, move over and make room for BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Good Year and Michelin to crowd the market with unique designer items.

Notice the pencil skirt on the biker babe complete with recycled zippers; valve stems create the spikes. The more modest evening wear is comprised of a flared skirt constructed from reused inner tubes; the bodice is adorned with flowers from tubes. From flat tire …to evening A-Tire, and to top it off the outfits come with a guarantee for 50,000 miles.

"The Bon-Bon"
Designed and Created by Linda Lockhart
Modeled by Hannah Kahlman

Eye-candy for everyone! Hanna is wearing a cellophane enhanced ball gown with a lamp shade, tulle, plastic bubbles, dried grasses.

With these colors, she will be "el tigre" to Pitt Bull's music, Bon, Bon! Enjoy!