The 10th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Diamond Decadence!" - February 20, 2016

The 10th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

Both performances were opened by Andrew Penyak.

Randy Robinson (left) and Pam Huyck served as Masters of Ceremony. Both performances were sold out!

Randy Robinson and Pam Huyck (left) served as Masters of Ceremony. Both performances were sold out!

Ceramic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Designed, created and modeled by Sandra Cook

While diamonds are a girls best friend, some girls just wanna have fun. Sandra always has fun in her clay studio and at wearable art. This year is no exception. Her skirt and top are both made of clay, fired  and glazed, and under pressure just like diamonds. Ceramic girls just wanna have fun!

Stardust Unchained

Designed and created by Tamora Harding-Childs; modeled by Alexandra Overway

In honor of the iconic legend of many artistic endeavors over decades, David Bowie’s raw creativity and flare for the eccentric inspired this design concept from paper tubes. Wherever Bowie is now, I am sure it is not boring. Thank you, David, for sharing your light.

The Crystal Creature Dragacanttierunitus

Designed and created by Colleen Wake; modeled by Sierra Wake

For years Sierra has been filling her sketch books with crystal creatures. Now Colleen has made one of Sierra’s fantasies— Dragacanttierunitus —come to life using papier-mâché and wood skewers!

Wishing for Snow

Designed and created by Linda Lockhart; modeled by Kiley Shanaberger

Kiley is longing for snow and is wearing lots of sparkly stuff in this beautifully modified wedding dress from Top Drawer in Big Lake.

Linda Lockhart has been making wearable art for the past 9 years for this show. Beginning with an idea, she builds and changes whatever she has chosen as a base to express her vision. Here is a dress as a base, lots of glitter and crystals, a sled, spray paint, monofilament fishing line, and several hundred glitter-covered snowflakes.

A Decade of Decadence

Designed and created by Sherry Rieth; modeled by Sherry and Jackie Rieth

Authentic Flapper Dresses from the 1920’s, the Decade of Decadence.

All Tied Up

Designed and created by Barbara Martushoff; modeled by Michelle Parker

Clothing and accessories with attitude, from the new Steam Driven Boutique in Wasilla.

The Steam Driven Boutique offers youth the opportunity to upcycle clothing into Steam Punk designs.

The Steam Driven Boutique is owned by My House in Wasilla. My House—supporting homeless youth by offering a hand up and not a hand out.

Harlequin Romance

Designed and created by Elizabeth Beguinet; modeled by Kayla Nicholson

A chic black velvet evening ensemble in a French-influenced Commedia dell’arte style.

Life Isn't Always What It Appears To Be

Designed, created and modeled by Sandra McMillian

This 1760’s French-inspired Panniers Gown is designed using an abandoned camouflage parachute, gold draperies, discarded fur scraps and Caribou Antlers.

Imagine the Age of elegance during the mid-1700’s when dresses reached their peak of massiveness. The wider the gown the higher the status.

This gown symbolizes the beauty of femininity, the fantasy of Royalty and riches, and the return to the wilds of nature.

Bird On The Wire

Designed and created by Margret Hugi-Lewis; modeled by Margret  Hugi-Lewis and Rod Sisson

Rod Sisson and Margret Hugi-Lewis do the Argentine Tango to the Leonard Cohen song <Bird On The Wire>

Imagine 2 Ravens Tangoing on a Telephone Wire.

Balloons Are A Girl's Best Friend

Designed and created by Gabriel Camacho; modeled by Jasmin Camacho

At age 13 Gabriel's interest in Balloon Art started after helping a local fire department with their fundraiser. With a handful of balloons, one small pump, the internet, and determination he began his balloon journey. 

Now 15 years old he continues to create eye-catching art and costumes. Gabriel created this dress to show balloon art at its finest. Don't just see art but experience it in a different medium. The imagination has no limits.

Palmer Colony Kuspuk

Designed and created by Niki Pease; modeled by Nancy Cameron

Another tarp and tape original by Niki Pease, celebrating 80 years of the Palmer Colony!

This piece was sponsored by Benders of Hair and the Valley Arts Alliance for last summer’s celebration of the Palmer Colony anniversary, organized by the Palmer Chamber of Commerce.

Since then it has appeared at Valley Arts Alliance productions AK Home Companion and Ice Castles (the event with the ice pyramid during Colony Christmas).

Civl War Dress

Designed and created by Gale Glenn; modeled by Antonia Barela

Gale made this beautiful dress for her grand-daughter as part of a project to learn about the Civil War era. Remember, the American Civil War ended in 1865, about 15 Diamond Anniversaries ago!

White Bird of Paradise

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux; modeled by Jasmin Butrlakorn

A chic creation of white plumage. Will she be caged?

Made from feathers, boas, florist fabric and found objects.

Big Girls Don't Cry

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton; modeled by Michelle Spiegel-Freeman

What does a person do with inherited hankies--lots of them? After giving them to relatives, friends, and quilters, the solution is to turn them into clothing.

Using 144 hankies that once belonged to her grandmother, the artist has crafted a skirt and top ensemble that highlights some of the prettiest of the hankies. 

Forty lacy, frilly, or embroidered hankies make up the top. One hundred forty-four colorful beauties create the bottom.  The organza purse was made by the artist's grandmother to hold treasured hankies.

Of course on this creation, handkerchief hemlines abound.  If only the model were one of those fairy tale heroines whose tears turn to diamonds, we could all depart with valuable Runway mementos.

I've Got The World On A String

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton; modeled by Kate Lawton

Years ago the artist saw a rainbow formal, and has always yearned to create a similar gown.

Duplicate satin panels form the dress and lining to create a double rainbow. Rainbow ribbon form the straps and create added detail.  A few raindrops linger on the gown to sparkle like diamonds.

Rather than a pot of gold at rainbow's end, the model probably hopes for a pot of diamonds--or perhaps it’s one special diamond on her finger.

Diamond Jockey

Designed and created by Nickie Jordan; modeled by Mark Loomis

Nickie has plenty of glass and mirror shards in her glass arts studio, and now they’re off and running!

Off The Wall Flowers

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux; modeled by Stephanie Faraci and Alyvia Davis

An unusual bouquet of wild flowers.

Made from paper, flowers, assorted paper flowers and found objects.

Like A Diamond (In The Sky)

Designed and created by Tara Riordan, Nikalee and Maeve Rath; modeled by Maeve and Whimsey Rath

They twinkle, they twirl, they light up the world!

Made from quilter’s scraps, thrift store fabrics, and lots of sparkle.

Lean On Me

Designed and created by Patricia Gakin; modeled by Patricia Gakin, Ginny Lawton and Audrey Kelly

The Diamond Decadence Runway Show is literally "graced"  this year by the appearance of the original party girls: the Three Graces.  

Of course after a few millennia and attendance at Diamond Jubilees from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, these ladies are showing their age.  

However, they're still looking for frivolity and good times even if they need one another's support now more than ever.  

Propped up by good "spirits", both literal and figurative, they've graced our runway and encourage everyone to lean on others in time of need.

Fairy of the Dance

Designed, created and modeled by Sable Wolf

This Fairy from the Job Corps facility here in Palmer is wearing a ballet dress made from grocery bags, reused silk flowers, a Valentine’s chocolate box, and more.

Devouring Decadence

Designed, created and modeled by Niki Pease

Another sparking creation in tarp and duct tape, the design of this mixed western and fantasy genre outfit was inspired by works of art in the International World of Wearable Art Museum seen in New Zealand, shadow puppets, and discount racks.  

Love can be all consuming. This is shiny and hot, hot, hot. "She is Fire, She is Death."

Jester Average Gown

Designed, created and modeled by River Flowers

A Steam-Punk / Harlequin-inspired gown from the new Steam Driven Boutique in Wasilla.

The Steam Driven Boutique offers youth the opportunity to upcycle clothing into Steam Punk designs.

The Steam Driven Boutique is owned by My House in Wasilla. My House—supporting homeless youth by offering a hand up and not a hand out.


Designed and created by Linda Lockhart; modeled by Courtney Lynn Cox and Talon Hill

Eyyyyy! There be Treasure to be found here. Our handsome pirate is on the hunt. Will he find the unique treasure chest and our beautiful Courtney, sparkling in jewels? Will it change him? We shall see....

Sea of Diamonds

Designed, created and modeled by Pam McCaul, Pam and Nichelle Ness, Caroline Kocean, Trish Keown, Vickie Lee Fenster, and Barb Howard

We are the Ladies of the Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans of Alaska. We fish all summer and all winter, hence the waders, old ponchos, and the sea creatures.

We’re all diamonds in the rough, but diamonds none-the-less.