The 11th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Odyssey!" - February 18, 2017

The 11th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

The 3pm Matinee was opened by John Stroup and Tim Grady.

The 7pm Evening performance was opened by The Jerry Wessling Band, consisting of Jerry Wessling and Michael Consalo.

Pam Huyck and Hillary Saffran served as Masters of Ceremony. Both performances were sold out!


Carmen Summerfield and Tino Jordan opened the show dressed in gold!

Tino is wearing a suit made by Bill Tull's mother for his dad, John. This is a minstrel show performer costume, used in Philadelphia in the late 1930's. This suit, and the Tull family, came to Alaska in the late 1950's.


Designed and created by Linda Lockhart; Modeled by Courtneylynn Cox

Linda designed and produced this late 1920s inspired creation from scratch for the 2016 Valley Performing Arts (VPA) fundraiser "Roaring 20s." Jazzed up with electroswing this is one hot mama! Apologies to Irving Berlin and Fred Astaire.

Mr. Clean's Space Odyssey

Designed and created by Diane Boyd; Modeled by Creig Boyd

Mr. Clean always dreamed of space travel, so off on the Starship Enterprise he went. Leaving YOU to clean your own house and everything in it! But when the Borg boarded the Enterprise, Resistance Was Futile. Mr. Clean was assimilated…  So how do you like him now?

Silver Spawning Streams

Designed and created by Niki Pease; Modeled by Gillian Moon (Matinee) and Sandra Cook (Evening)

Another tarp and tape original by Niki Pease!

This piece was sponsored by AK USA Federal Credit Union and the Valley Arts Alliance for the 2016 Palmer Chamber of Commerce fund raiser “Wandering Waters”.

Since then it has appeared at the Valley Arts Alliance production AK Home Companion and will appear at more events in the Valley..

The Steam Punkster

Designed and created by Sierra and Colleen Wake; modeled by Sierra Wake

Teen Steampunkster! Made from lots of repurposed items.

Valley Eir

Designed, created, and modeled by Niki Pease

This is a T’N’T (Tarp ‘N’ Tape) rendition of a Valley Valkyrie. In Norse mythology Valkyries are winged helpers of Odin, bringing fallen warriors to Valhalla, the final odyssey. EIR (pronounced AIR) means peace, health, or mercy.

A special effort was made to obtain the digital camouflage tarp… Thanks, Sister!

Native Legends

Designed, created, and modeled by Pam McCaul, Caroline Kocean, Madeline Gardino, and Chaylin Roberts

These women make legends come to life. We have an Orca legend and several Raven legends, big and small, all created by emptying the drawers of Pam’s craft room.

2017 A Fishing Odyssey

Designed, created, and modeled by Colleen Wake

Formal wear “fur” a “night out” of fishing.

Jadis, Winter Siren

Designed, created, and modeled by Kristine Lewis

She lives in the woods, and seduces with Turkish delight.

Recycled Couture

Designed and created by Tamora Harding and Claire Childs; modeled by Claire Childs

A fusion of New York City Fashion Week and Maurice Sendek’s children’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are”, elements of faux and fantasy merge made of recycled plastic & paper materials.

Penelope and Ulysses

Designed and created by Margret Hugi-Lewis; modeled by Margret  Hugi-Lewis and Rod Sisson

Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, which featured Ulysses and Penelope. Margret and Rod met many years ago in an artists’ village in the Carmel Hills of Israel overlooking the Mediterranean. They danced to Greek music at a wedding and fell in love. They have a big family in Israel and in Alaska.

The music is Greek, the lyrics are in Hebrew, and the title is “These Eyes of Mine”. For Margret and Rod life together has been a wonderful Odyssey.

Twisted Up to Shake It Up

Designed and created by Gabriel Camacho; modeled by Jasmin Camacho

Balloon artist Gabriel Camacho is shaking things up by combining a balloon dress with length and elegance for Jasmin to dance to the beat as she displays her love for fun fashion and upbeat music.

This work of wearable art goes to show that balloon twisting can be used for more than just the traditional making of balloon animals by creating something wearable, fashionable and fun!


Designed and created by Nikalee Rath; modeled by Whimsey Rath

Under the sea- If only I had a multi-level underwater grotto in which to store and display my perpetually incomplete collections of gizmos and gadgets, who-zits and what-nots. These pieces flow from my affinity for the ocean, and my hoard of interesting, shiny things, and found objects, both natural and person-made.

These outfits are made primarily from recycled materials, much of it donated by the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions, collected at their facility on 49th State Street. You'll see yards of recyclable plastic bubble wrap, and lots of bottle caps, pull tabs, shells, and myriad beads and baubles collected and sent from around the world.

The Pleasure of Imagination Towards the Phancy

Designed and created by Sandra McMillan, assisted by Nina Shaw and Jeannie Phillips; modeled by Sandra McMillan

Keeping with recycled materials and a budget, this over the top creation made from lace, mylar, sateen panne crystals, and flash, was inspired from watching the Series Versailles, Tudors and Venice Carnival. Any occasion to dress up and get Phancy. I would have enjoyed the elegant entertaining and the ballroom dancing.

By The Beautiful Sea

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton; modeled by Ginny Lawton, Pat Gakin, and Audrey Kelly

If these bathing beauties look familiar, it's because you saw them last year in different attire.  Designer Ginny Lawton has updated their apparel by a few millennia.  They lodge in 1914 when the song "By the Beautiful Sea" first appeared. 

Each bather has adorned her attire as she deemed appropriate, but an obvious maritime theme persists with sea creatures and anchors. Paper parasols complete the ensemble that bathers would have taken to the seaside. 

Rest assured that next year they don't plan to update the look by thirty years with the 1946 advent of the bikini.

Spiral Revolution

Designed and created by Linda Lockhart; modeled by Courtneylynn Cox

Copper and leather are the materials of choice. Embellished with parts, gadgets and gears, this is truly a Steampunk Spiral Fantasy. Viva the Revolution!

Buttons and Bows

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton; modeled by Michelle Spiegle-Freeman

Designer Ginny Lawton believed this song the perfect means to divest herself of buttons.  Buttons that belonged to her grandmother, her mother, and herself.  Last year her grandmother's handkerchiefs found a new purpose in adorning an ensemble.  This year, buttons would find a new home and the button box would be reduced in quantity. 

All of that might have come to pass had she not found that there are wonderful vintage and decorative buttons for sale on eBay.  Now she has more buttons than ever, but some of the more interesting ones are sewn on model Michelle Spiegle-Freeman's  skirt: cats, flowers, Czech glass, cameos, and of course Michelle's favorite bird, the owl.  You'll note that model Michelle does a better job of divesting herself of unwanted articles than did the designer.


Designed and created by River Flowers; modeled by Brandi Kinney

A Greek Odyessy inspired costume full of confidence, strength and items you can find around your house. Entirely donated items include a bed sheet, belt buckle, fake leaves, clip on earrings and a purse.

This creation is sponsored by the new Steam Driven Boutique in Wasilla. The Steam Driven Boutique offers youth the opportunity to upcycle clothing into Steam Punk designs. The Steam Driven Boutique is owned by My House in Wasilla. My House—supporting homeless youth by offering a hand up and not a hand out.


Chantilly Lace

Designed, created, and modeled by Kate Lawton

A dress created for a 1950's themed wedding needed to come out of the closet.  What better place than for Wearable Art, especially after Kate noticed the huge quantity of lace among her mother's sewing notions. 

The lace offered the perfect opportunity to revisit the Big Bopper's 1958 hit, Chantilly Lace. 

The recycled lace made stunning rosettes, and additional trim and buttons complete the look. The find of a phone purse in appropriate colors capped the deal. 

This "big-eyed girl" delights in bopping her ponytail down the runway.


Designed, created, and modeled by Sue Kay

A crown of seashells and rhinestones begins this JOUR-KNEE.

Steam punk breast plate, adorned with the ribs from a fallen moose, is the foundation for this expressive UP cycled original gown.

Plastic water bottles, feathers, jewels, paper mache, and domestic mini lighting cascades into the flounce made of 2 liter soda bottles, creating an awning over the skirt of wall paper, bedazzled moose bones and lace.

Black leggings, suitable for any Odyssey, are tucked inside black booties lit with Swarovski Crystals.

A Mermaids Under Water Garden

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux; modeled by Amanda Green and Alyvia Davis

Every girl secretly wants to be a Mermaid, so girls, imagine this could be you on this underwater runway!

Sirens of the Sea - Mermaids in Love

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux; modeled by Stephanie Faraci and Lisa Davis

Continuing the previous act, the mermaids have fallen in love, and as we all know, a mermaid’s love life is very complicated.

Alaska As A Bride

Designed and created by Jourdan Hartman and Noah Fryfogle; modeled by Aiko Ranchoff

No matter the season, Alaska always seems to be adorned in something pure and pristine. A gown of glittering snow, a bouquet of Devil’s Club and Yarrow flowers, a veil of wispy Cottonwood seeds. These elements inspired us to present to you Alaska as a bride.

The dress is embellished with trapunto quilting to represent the snow shadow. The top hat is made from real birch bark from a fallen tree. The mukluk inspired boots are vegan and gluten free. We give you an image of our eternally pure and glorious state.

Brighid's Flame

Designed, created and modeled by Maeve Rath

Inspired by fire, created from repurposed and recycled materials.

Perhaps one of the most complex and contradictory Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon, Brigid can be seen as the most powerful religious figure in all of Irish history. Many layers of separate traditions have intertwined, making Her story and impact complicated but allowing Her to move so effortlessly down through the centuries. She has succeeded in travelling intact through generations, fulfilling different roles in divergent times.

Walk This Way

Designed, created and modeled by Sandra Cook

Sandra is wearing a skirt made of safety fencing with woven fabric. The outfit is accessorized with fingerless gloves.

Sandra, as an independent woman and artist, has always followed her own path. As with all of us, there are zigs and zags requiring a little support and courage now and then. With her safety netting, the fabric of life, and a positive attitude, she is on to a new path to WALK THIS WAY.

I Am The Storm

Designed, created and modeled by Kathleen Foley

Kathleen Foley, from Monument, Colorado, came here to model I AM THE STORM. Checkout her jacket, made from green wine bottle protector sleeves.

When Darkness whispered to Kathleen that she would not withstand the storm, she stood with strength and courage and replied, “I AM THE STORM”. Now see her creativity ROAR.


Designed and created by Linda Lockhart; modeled by Courtneylynn Cox

Miles of VHS Video tape, a catchy tune and a surprise. Here's Linda at her craziest. Need we say more?