The 14th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"All Shook Up!" - February 15, 2020

The 14th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

Both the 3pm Matinee and the 7pm Evening Performanc were opened by Justin Pendergrass and Michael Sisson of Newsense Music Entertainment.

Hillary Saffran (pictured) and Becky McLaughlin served as Masters of Ceremony. Both performances were sold out!

Gran Warrior

Designed, created, and modeled by Elaine Rountree

No vegetable is safe from this warrior. This vegetable slayer is made from tabs from aluminum cans, vegetable bags, a vegetable strainer helmet, and more. Elaine's grandson carved the sword.

They Are Shakin'

Designed, created, and modeled by Pam McCaul, Vicky Killian, Trish Keown, and Shelly Warner

These paper dolls are made from paper, glitter, Sharpies, plastic, nylons, balloons, tule…  And they are here to Shake It Up!

Shine On, You Crazy Hyena

Designed, created, and modeled by Sierra Wake

Welcome Nova! Sierra based her design on her anthropomorphic art, which is the blending of animals with human characteristics

Nova has the head and paws of a hyena, and the body of a teen girl. Oh… and she even has a tail.

Nyala–A slender Horned Antelope from SE Africa

Designed and Created by Sandra McMillian and Nina Shaw;
modeled by Sandra McMillian

This costume is inspired from Horns and Hiding. This Camouflage outfit is made to disguise and deceive the enemy. It is made from a German Silk Parachute. The cape and pantsuit show ripcord gather accents and feather trim.

Winter Kill

Designed, created, and modeled by Peter Nicholson

It’s been so cold lately…  so cold! The freezing temperatures have jumped the front line in battle with the birch bugs. In their weakened state, the Birch King steps in for the winter kill.

Ain’t She Sweet / Ain’t She Sweet Redux

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton;
modeled by Kate Lawton and Michelle Spiegel-Freeman

In 1927 when Ain’t She Sweet was written, crocheted doilies and antimacassars were in vogue. Tables, pianos, and upholstered furniture were adorned with them. Now, the doilies adorn the skits of our models.

Ain’t it remarkable that both Eddie Cantor and The Beatles would cover the song!

Designer Ginny finds it remarkable that she can stand to look at a doily after sewing over one hundred on the skirts.

Rebels With A Cause

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux;
modeled by Alyvia and Ainsley Davis, and Lindsey Kaufman

An edgy environmental graffiti piece inspired by environmental and global issues and concerns.

Volcanic Eruption

Designed and created by Barbara Andrist;
modeled by Lena Andrist

Our model is clothed in color fabric depicting a volcanic eruption. The umbrella above her head depicts the ash and pumice flowing down to surround her in a ring of fire.

Birds of a Feather

Designed and created by Ginny Lawton and Pat Gakin;
modeled by Ginny Lawton, Pat Gakin, and Laurie Pratt

The only thing similar about these three birds is that they all sport feathers, plumes, and pinions…  lots of them. In fact, it looks like the ostrich has donated some of her feathers to the flamingo.

Did the stork give up its baby-delivery service to hang out with feathered friends? Designers Ginny and Pat might know the answer!

Did model Laurie cancel a Las Vegas gig to strut her stuff on the Wearable Art runway? Just proves the importance of having a flock for friendship.

Corduroy Fantasy

Designed, created, and modeled by Colleen Wake

What do you get when you mix Stevie Nicks’ style from the late 70’s with Blondie…  Corduroy Fantasy!

The funky jacket is repurposed corduroy jeans that have been quilted and fancy stitched. Add a pair of tye-dye flare-leg slacks, and a wild hat, and you get some groovy 70’s style!


Designed and created by Nikalee Rath and Children;
modeled by Maeve, Whimsey, and Ridley Rath

Out of the linen closet and onto the runway! This year's theme has the Rath kids daydreaming about living in a shaken snowglobe

All the kids helped design and create their outfits, and Maeve created hers entirely on her own.

Ridley is excited to wear his new pillow case vest everytime he can. And Princess Whimsey is vying to bring back cloaks and gowns as everyday attire.

Lost in Japan

Designed and created by Juliah Barnett;
modeled by Taylor Short

This creation was inspired by Juliah’s dream of visiting Japan during cherry blossom season, and her growing obsession with tree art. She is lost in this dream, having the night of her life. She is fearless, and shines bright.

Earthquake Coat

Designed, created, and modeled by Bea Adler (pictured); Evening performance modeled by Niki Pease

This FEMA coat is a patchwork map of our Valley, with earthquake faults lit up. All made from recycled and repurposed materials.

Listen carefully to her song, so you’ll be prepared for our next shake-up!

Raven's Alter Ego

Designed and created by Tamora Harding-Childs;
modeled by Claire Childs

All Shook Up, wake up, to look up–at Raven. Reminding us we are one energy. Inspired by the mythological symbol, sleek exterior and a glint in the eyes, it glides resilient.

In chaos, we find the helpers. In grief, we find peace. In pause, we find out breath…  And in Wearable Art, we find beauty and community.

Sven and Olaf

Designed and created by Claire German;
modeled by Claire German and Doris Moxham

Sven’s costume is a combination of new and recycled materials. The antlers are paper Mache and based off of a caribou antler. The body is a framework of 2 tomato cages, laminate floor padding, and duct tape covered in fabric and fake fur. The legs are pool noodles and sour cream tubs for hooves. All of this is attached to a motocross chest protector which acts as a backpack to secure the costume to the actor.

Olaf was designed to mimic the movements of the Broadway puppet version. We wanted him to be bouncy and move similar to a puppet but allow the costume to be worn by an actor. He is made from fleece and poly fill sewn to a t-shirt base. The hood was repurposed from a toddler costume, and is detachable which allowed us to use it as a prop in the beginning of the play Frozen Jr. for Colony Middle School.

Back to Charleston

Designed, created, and modeled by Marilyn Bennett

This creation is designed as a 2020’s flapper outfit. It is the latest in a very sophisticated as well as stylish fringed bag dress, making maximum use of empty potting soil bags.

Marilyn tried on various bags and discovered that the 40-pound All Purpose Bark Mulch bag fitted her perfectly. The 40-pound Miracle Grow Potting Soil bag was just a bit tight. She did consider the 50 or 60-pound bags, but they lacked the slim flapper look she was aiming for.

The Roamer

Designed, created, and modeled by Darren Mielke

His creator is long gone, but he is still roaming the world. If one piece of him wears out, he just replaces it!

This creation is sponsored by The Steam-Driven Boutique / Gathering Grounds Cafe in Wasilla, owned by My House. My House—supporting homeless youth by offering a hand up and not a hand out.

I’m Like a Bird, I Only Fly Away

Designed and Created by Sandra McMillian and Nina Shaw;
modeled by Sandra McMillian

This costume was inspired by birds mating for life. Spreading their feathers widely in courtship, showing all Glitz and Glamour hoping to gain favor of their mate

Shake It Up!

Designed, created, and modeled by Maeve Rath

Like generations of teenagers before her, Maeve revels in 2 things– expressing herself through arts, and keeping mature adults on their toes. So what are you waiting for? Dust yourself off! Shake it up!


Shaken and Stirred

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux;
modeled by Jasmin Butrlakorn

Cocktails and champagne elements adorn this edgy piece.

Warning: Contents under extreme pressure!


Designed, created, and modeled by Linda Lockhart

What can you do with 1 corset, 2 yards of duct tape, 3 tablecloths and 4 hours? Linda whipped up this confection with no drawing, no pattern, and no real plan—just did it. Not her normal process. Let’s see if she can still make some Noise and Shake It!

Dynamic Entry Investors

Designed, created, and modeled by Ean Johnson

Air quality these days is so bad, you don't want to get caught breathing it. Did you know millions of toxic elements pass though filtration systems? Why settle for Chernobyl lungs like everyone else when you could be breathing luxurious designer atmosphere? Carpe-diem Corp LLC lets you take a deep breath! 

Materials: Commercially available products, sourced from international factories, with expedited shipping.