The 16th Annual
VAA Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show
"Glacier Glamor!" - February 19, 2022

The 16th annual Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show was performed at the Palmer Depot, with both a 3pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.

Both the 3pm Matinee and the 7pm Evening Performanc were opened by Brian Daniels and Anthony Hastings of the band "3000-21".

Hillary Saffran and Becky McLaughlin served as Masters of Ceremony. Both performances were sold out!

Let the Sun Shine In

Designed, created, and modeled by Sandra McMillian

This creation was inspired after long nights in the dark of winter with lack of daylight. The collection of used mini blinds required some mathematical formula of shapes to create these angles within angles. Geometry at its finest. The spacing allows light to enter rejuvenating our souls and aligning the planets for love to steer the stars. Let Peace guide our planet.

Glacier Lights

Designed, created, and modeled by Elaine Rountree.

Elaine started out with layers of clothing and ended up with something simple. She was inspired by glaciers and ice, and the theme of our show “Glacier Glamor”..


Designed, created, and modeled by Jessica Newton.

2022 blew in with fierce winds that blew through the Valley, causing destruction and mayhem. Despite the fierce winds, the skies often shown clear, and above the flying debris were sparkling stars and the peaks of the mountains channeled the destructive forces. When the sun came up, we came together as a  community in helping each other put our lives back together, overseen by our beautiful, glamorous glaciers.

Jessica is wearing an embellished wool coat representing the many nights of blowing winds...  REVEAL…  and a glamorous glacial gown studded with pearls and sequins.

Wild Swans

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux.
Modeled by Hazel Nicholson, Dagny and Sarah Henkel

The wild swans gliding by. One obsidian black swan one ethereal pink swan and one luminous white.

A rare chance to catch them created out of luxe unexpected fabrics tulle thousands of feathers painted flowers and jewels   A breath taking sight  not to miss!l.

Blaze of Glory

Designed, created, and modeled by Sierra Wake

This red, yellow, and orange ensemble is made from tires, foam clay, fabric, wire, and Styrofoam. Check out the flaming wheels on the shoulders and boots, and the checkered flag top for the WIN.


Designed and created by Linda Lockhart;
Modeled by Shennica Maxwell

Inspired by a Seattle store window display in 2007, this piece has been several years in the making. Cutting, forming, painting and lighting so you can enjoy these lovely spring flowers today/tonight.

No Roots

Designed and created by Su Kay;
Modeled by Megan Faraci

A beaded crown rests above the majestic beauty of Alaska’s Aurora Heavens!

The Northern Lights illuminating feather-like snow covered mountain peaks and fanciful bridal gown-like clouds!

Gila sleeves appear as ice fog on either side of cascading frozen crystals of iridescent cellophane, her outer skeleton transforming.

A lone caribou scapula hides the opening of unexplored frozen caves.

The destiny of this glacier is visible under the diamond twinkle of falling snow melting into the glacier-fed lake below!

No roots anchor this ancient queen.

Holocene Hybrid

Designed and created by Morgan, Willa, and Nkalee Rath;
Modeled by Willa and Morgan Rath

Thousands of years ago Beringian wolves roamed the wilderness and glaciers of present day Alaska and the Yukon. As Earth entered the Holocene period, the human species proliferated worldwide, glaciers retreated, and these giant wolves went extinct. Sometimes we imagine what it might be like if instead, a hybrid species had evolved. And what might it look like if teenagers of this hybrid species went to school dances or royal balls?


Designed, created, and modeled by Niki Pease

Years ago, a local breast cancer awareness group staged an event known as “Brassieres to Nowhere”. Niki entered several pieces, and was given an commemorative t-shirt. Based on this t-shirt, Niki has now added pieces from 12 bras, turning them around and upside down, for a unique look at Breast Cancer Awareness.

Recycled Goods and Glam

Designed and created by Judy Vars;
Modeled by Jetta Krueger

Recyclers do it over and over! This up-cycled outfit has been a community effort by the volunteers at the VCRS, the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions. This piece is made entirely from recycled materials, including a 12-foot train made from composite plastics that will not decompose for 600 years. The bodice is from a mylar balloon which will never decompose. Other materials used include newspapers, second hand boots and clothes.


Designed, created, and modeled by Linda Lockhart

Throw some shades on that thing! No not those kind of shades, these kind of shades. You'll see!

Queen of Matanuska Glacier

Designed, created, and modeled by Colleen Wake

Blue and silver reflecting colors of the glacier. A true ice maiden. Will she bring snow?

The Rare Twilight Black Swan

Designed and created by Elsie LeDoux;
Modeled by Lindsey Clondy

A rare chance to see this black swan you may here the haunting sounds of this rare bird with midnight blue and incredible black plumage. An incredible sight to see. 

Created of unexpected fabrics like black latex tulle luxe fabrics thousands of feathers painted flowers and jewels are gorgeous not to be missed ! The midnight black black swan


Designed and created by Linda Lockhart;
modeled by MicKenzie Maxwell

As Alaska's glaciers melt at an astounding geological rate, here you will get the whole picture in this short presentation. Designed and created by Linda Lockhart with repurposed materials, hand-painted fabrics lights and more--watch as model MicKenzie Maxwell "THAWS!"


Designed and created by Willa and Nikalee Rath;
Modelled by Willa and Ridley Rath

Mama says if I don't behave, she'll trade me in for a human baby, and leave me to be raised by the humans. That sounds awful! Humans are weird. What makes them tick? Mama said it's okay to go human watching, but don't get too close. Mama says not to poke them with sticks, just take notes. She says if I see one I want to keep, I can offer it a gift. If it accepts the gift, I can bring it home with me.

Creature of the Deep

Designed, created, and modeled by Peter Nicholson

This is a creative spin on my interpretation of a Mer-man, and taking that idea to another level. The crown and shoulder armor are developed in a way to incorporate sea shells with sea grass hanging off the back side of the shoulder. The fisherman netting made to look as though acquired after surviving a challenging day long ago. His legs are covered in a coral reef mass to introduce the perspective of a mer-man moving along at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

Cold as Ice

Designed, created, and modeled by Sandra McMillian;

The inspiration for this dress was in trying to create a wearable art costume without any cloth. Sandra chose to work with the blue underlayment of older pergo floors. This material is both lightweight and flexible. The undercarriage made with bent wire holds the lower dress together. The white snow material is from upholstery wrapping. Add lights bling and jewels and you get a glacier glamorous dress from the ages.  And the wig is made from Christmas garland. Designed after the Robe de Cour meaning court dress. These were the most formal gowns worn. This one is not as conservative as customary for the 1770's.

Recyclled Egyptian Mommy

Designed and created by Colleen Wake;
Modeled by Juliah Barnett

Based on ancient Egyptian clothing, over 400 aluminum cans were used, 250 in the cape alone!
This is a Re-run from 2011.